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Gojak Jakarta office as a registration and complaints site

Gojik Jakarta ‘s office is a registration place for new drivers eager to become a partner and cooperate with Gojik to earn income . Because you know that Jakarta itself is one of the cities that relies a lot on the presence of Gojik because traffic is very heavy , and some people come home . You’re lazy.

Relying on situations like this , some people are inspired to be able to drive Gojik so that they can earn a lot of money considering that the application ‘s users are very interesting , especially in the Jakarta area . So you can try to go to a Gojak office in Jakarta so that you can pay attention to all the things related to Gojak .

What are the duties of Gojik ‘s office ?

If you want to pay attention to all the affairs related to Gojak , it is appropriate for you to go to the Gojak office in your place . If you are in Jakarta , of course you only need  to go to Gojik ‘s Jakarta office where you register for those who are interested  .  It turns out that there are also many people here who know what the job of Gojik ‘s office is .

Offices work the same as all in each of those areas . Where one of them is the centre for submitting complaints experienced by applicants whether this is important or not . Because the office will be a special part of customer services that serve any complaint experienced by customers and will then be given a solution to the problem .

In addition , the office has a job that is one of the places where it can register as a driver or partner that cooperates with Gojik . Although this registration can actually be online , the next driver must come to the office at a certain stage to be tested and certified to ensure that the information sent earlier is indeed correct.

Gojak office service or operational hours

There is no doubt that if you go to the Gojak office , of course , you will find different solutions to the problems experienced when using services from Gojik . But of course , in order to go to this office , you should also pay attention to when the office service or operation time is when you do not come all the way because of the wrong hours .

Although online service activity hours are actually valid for 24 hours , this will not be applied to offline services at the Gujak Jakarta office where the new driver is registered . The hours of customer service activity from gojak branch offices also depend on the area inside or outside Jabdtabik .

If you want to go to the Gojak office located in the Jabdtabik area , you can go to the office from Monday to Sunday . In any case , customer service hours are not valid at 24 hours , as office hours in the Jabdtabik area only start operating from 8:00 pm to 5:00 pm and are also implemented during the week .

Easy Guide  to GO-FOOD Sharing

Today ‘s high intensity of Gojik ‘s employees is not only on the part of future drivers , but also by traders who feel that their business can connect more people using gojik ‘s application . Because food services for Gojak are one of the most crowded services in addition to delivery services .

So , you can try to cooperate with Gojik to interfere with many people in the wine business you have . How do I do that ? Of course , you only need to register your business , especially in the key section , whether it is by an individual or in the property of a company . How about confusion ? Check out the information below.

The first way can be done using gojik ‘s official website , to register business by seeing the page and then looking for mines to share gojik . You will see a menu that says ” Go to the list of gone foods and restaurant partners ” . Then you only need to fill out the form that has been provided and then complete the e-mail authentication . Don’t forget to meet registration requirements , especially in business profiles .

If you are in Jabdtabik , try  to go to the Gojak Jakarta office where you list business partners  . If you do not want to register with the long process , you can try to register the app , by visiting the Gojik office directly . Of course , this process will take a short time because you will serve directly . If you have completed the registration process , you only need to wait for confirmation from Gojik .

Is it difficult to use Gojak services ? jumping to the office

Although it is clear that the service of the office ‘s customers is actually useful as a place holder and provides solutions to the problems experienced by employees , it has been found that many people and employees do not know what problems can be reported to the Gojik office themselves .

Serious problems in the service can be complained to gojik customers . One of them is when you become one of the victims of an unacceptable order that will surely harm you because you have an obligation to do things sent to your home through a Gojik driver because you use your name . Then you can go to the branch office to report this topic .

Your dissatisfaction with the driver ‘s error can also be reported to the Gojak Jakarta office where you can register if you are in the Jabedtabak area . Because Gojik , who is in charge of the driver , will surely provide you with a solution to the dissatisfaction you are experiencing because of the services you are experiencing .

Come to the office , I don’t need a background in the problem either , but you can also ask for approval about something . One of them asks for confirmation of cooperation between Gojak and your business , and this is one of the things that can be used as an excuse to go to Gojik ‘s office . Therefore, the presence of this office is indeed very important.

The point is that if you really want to solve a problem or want to ask something about Gojik services , you can go to the office in your area . And keep in mind the activity or working hours of this office when you come to the office , do not miscalculate , especially the distance . You can even go to Gojik  Jakarta ‘s office where you can register for new drivers or for partners who really want to cooperate .

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