The direct learning process in West Java : SoalSekolahmu

West Java Education Office implements online learning in the midst of the pandemic


During a pandemic like today’s, the West Java Education Bureau will also carry out many activities to ensure the smooth running of the learning process. Even in each region, it also implements a new learning process so that students reach the curriculum for graduation and advancement.


Some schools, especially the vocational schools themselves, implement a face-to-face learning process. However, this also applies in some places and in particular in internship subjects only. Because in this vocational school, skills are an important thing that must be possessed by students.


During this time, the internship process is also carried out directly face-to-face. Thisdoes not need to be done directly. In addition,  West Java education  also provides a lot of help to students who are not able to afford it so that they can continue studying. For example, providing free devices and free data quotas to teachers and students.


But the introduction of this new learning has caused many complaints among many parents. Because they can’t teach their children unknown lessons. Especially students who cannot use this new learning system. The government is also trying to learn directly by applying several important points.


Online learning during the Covid pandemic


Indeed, thecovid-19 pandemic since 2020 has indeed had an impact on many sectors. Including in the field of education, it is also affected. Students and students who are still in school need to feel the impact by homeschooling or learning online. The programme is implemented in all schools.


Like the West Java Education Bureau, it also implements an online program for all West Java students  .  This policy itself is indeed carried out in all educational places throughout Indonesia, even in the world. Originally, learning was face-to-face. But that has changed as the coronavirus pandemic has spread even more.


Learning at home is done to provide a new experience for students. Nevertheless, even if it is managed remotely, educators must be able to achieve the increase targets and graduation rates must be implemented. However, this new learning method has received many negative responses.


Especially from parent guardians. Many of them complained of hassle and were unable to participate  in the e-learning activities implemented by the West Java Education Bureau    and other regions.  Few people want this online learning to be stopped and come back face-to-face.


Because it uses the Internet, it certainly also requires quota data. Meanwhile, the government also provides free quotas for students and teachers. Further ease the burden during the learning process that is taking place during the current pandemic. In West Java itself, it also provides Internet quota assistance for the smooth learning process.


Successful verification of taking offline courses


Now that the new normal has been implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic, the  Government of West Java and the  Education Bureau have also implemented a new curriculum, namely the realization of learning using face-to-face methods.   But still for some rules are imposed in the implementation of this learning process.   So that it can still minimize covid cases.


Although the location of the school is in the green zone, it is still not directly applied to face-to-face learning. Because there are still a few points that need to be checked first. If the school meets the criteria, it can implement the program. For criteria such as schools are compulsory in the green zone.


Jamn only for face-to-face activities is also prioritized for students who are not supported via the Internet or called white dots. Thus, indeed, not all places of learning can implement this learning system in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even if it is included in the area of the green zone.


Meanwhile, the smk level or vocational high school itself, from the West Java Education Bureau, this face-to-face system will be applied lessons that are just internships. Because if you want to get a certificate for your own skills, you are required to practice directly.


Even not all teachers are able to participate directly in this learning process. Several points must also be taken into account. For example, those who can participate are teachers under the age of 45 and do not have any other illnesses that will interfere with the  learning process  during this pandemic.


Educators in West Java received vaccines


Disdik or the West Java Education Bureau has proposed that educators be vaccinated throughout West Java. Of course, the injection of the vaccine will always be done in stages. Especially for teachers who will do face-to-face learning activities.


Not only that, for the disposition, it will also be the priority for teachers who are elderly. The vaccination steps given by the government will also be given according to the program. Indeed, the vaccination of educators is very important to apply after the use of medical staff.


Of course, this is applied so that the  learning process can be carried out properly without anyone being affected by covid. For the provision of vaccines to the teachers themselves, it is offered according to the number of their own staff in West Java. Of course, the sunis given to  teachers who first do direct learning activities.


 According to the West Java Education Bureau, not everyone participates in direct offline learning themselves. Only a few hundred have been adapted to the applicable rules. In fact, there are still many schools that have not been able to implement this learning because they are in places where covid case rates are high.


For the acceptance of the vaccine in order to function optimally, everything that will beadded up mustalso make an examination first. This is very important to apply so that when administering the vaccine can be maximized. Even if you received this injection yourself, you should still follow health protocols.


The direct learning process in West Java


The teaching and learning activities are organized directly by the West Java Education Bureau itself and has also prepared the program.  As for  this learning activity itself, it is also carried out in stages, paying attention first to how the area of deployment in the region and to the efforts and preparation for prevention.


While this in-person learning activity is conducted, it adheres to the principle of supporting student or teacher safety. This is an important and main point that must be taken into account by each party. Every school that will use this system needs to be prepared for many things.


Disdik’s superintendents will later see how the school is ready. Of course, he is accompanied by the village chief and the local sub-district chief. If there are still many gaps, they must first be filled. However, if the school has completed all the necessary tasks, they can be transmitted directly to the department.


For the implementation of the learning itself, the blended learning method will be applied.  Where the following students will study at school directly in turn or in shifts.  So that a class will be divided into two or three, depending on the rules. The West Java Education Bureau has certainly prepared things that can minimize the spread of covid.