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Know what West Java provincial code and conditions are

West Java is the only province formed for the first time since the Dutch colonial era, with the provincial code West Java 32. However, under Law No. 11 of 1950, the province has been established since 4 July 1950 since it was recognized by the Indonesian government. about the government headquarters in Bandung

The province has an area of about 35,377.76 square kilometers, even reaching almost 2% of Indonesia’s land area. In addition, the province is also ranked as the second largest region specifically for Java Island, where East Java is ranked as the first widest. The country’s population is more than 50 million.

 West Java  becomes the most populous area

You should know that The Province of West Java has become one of the most populous regions in Indonesia with different provincial codes of West  Java. where the population level has reached 50 million more than the country’s total population.  L aju population growth in West Java for the period 2019 has actually been increasing.

This is due to the large number of local residents who urbanized the area. The reasons for the increase in population movement to West Java vary, from work benefits to environmental conditions. Meanwhile, the region with the lowest population, the city of Benjar, has about 185,000 inhabitants.

Approximately 80% of the population of West Java chooses to live in urban areas due to industrial factors. Other regions such as Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, and so on make up at least 39 percent of west Java’s total population.

It should be noted that almost most of the population of West Java is Sundzanzi. Where this tribe is known as the native people of Java in this western part. While the Javanah tribe is mostly found in the northern region of West Java, then the Betawi tribe mainly resides in the Jakarta region and its surroundings.

In addition, there are Batak and Minang tribes, which are also found in the West Java region, especially urban areas, such as Bogor, Depok, and Bandung. While China’s population is also often found almost throughout West Java, they are mostly expanding.

Government Administrative Area Code in Indonesia

Before further discussion of west Java  provincial code, for example area code area code Sekeloa village.

In the case of the code, it has shown information from the local government area code that houses it from the following districts, cities, to provinces, including:

  1. Sub-section of Kublong (regional code means 32.73.02)
  2. Bandung City (area code as a 32.73)
  3. West Java Provincial Code (Regional Code as 32)

Meanwhile, other examples such as area code 36.71.07 of the Karawchi District Codes are responsible for it with the local government, namely:

  1. Tangang City (Area Code as a 36.71)
  2. Banten Province (Regional Code as 36)

In addition, there is also area code 33.74 which is the city of Samarang, with its local government, namely:

  1. Central Java Province (Regional Code as 33)

You should know that the Indonesian government has updated the regional code every one to five years through the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministry of Internal Affairs). Where is this trick by issuing premeditated (Minister of Interior regulations) with new regional code and data.

Moreover, there are when regional expansion or even many villages transfer to villages. Until now,  the Premandagary West Java Provincial Code Is the latest region published  Permendagri RI No. 137 of 2017. Where this is set in Jakarta from 27 December 2017.

Since the adoption of the Permanadager, the previous Permanada Grey will be revoked and will no longer be declared valid. This is as stated in Article 13 of Premanda Gray No. 137 of 2017. Based on the information contained in the latest permandagary, Indonesians are now:

  1. 34 provinces
  2. 514 cities/cities (98 cities + 416 cities)
  3. 7,201 sub-districts/districts
  4. 83436 Village/Clurhan (8479 villages + 74957 villages)
  5. 91185 area code.

Provincial Codes in West Java

Surely you’re familiar if you hear the name West Java, right? Yes, an Indonesia province that is visited by many local residents due to the beauty and coolness of the living environment.

As we know, the province with bandung city center is actually renowned as a cold and cold area. In addition, Bandung itself is often referred to as the City of Flowers.

What is the reason? This is because in ancient times, bandung was considered very beautiful with many trees and blooming flowers. Not only that, in the past Bandung was also given the name Paris van Java because of its beauty. You should know if West Java is the provincial code 32.

In the case of the area code, it is intended to find the characteristics of the province. With this area code, you can easily telecom based on the observations of the transport agency in Indonesia.

This area code itself is a series of numbers and courses, which display the code and data of the Indonesian government administration area of each region, be it from the village/kelurahan, sub-region, city/region, and even provincial levels, as well as the provincial code in West Java.

The code’s function is to speed up and facilitate the management process of government administrative areas in Indonesia. In addition, you should know that this code can also indicate the level of the Ode Dunk area of the local government that houses it, such as the West Java Provincial Code, which  is 32.

Provincial code regulations should know

Below is a discussion of the regulations in the province and city/regency of regional codes, including:

  1. Provincial Area Code

Below are the rules that should be considered in determining the province’s area code.

  1. The double digit number perTama is the regional code of the province.
  2. The provincial code is usually determined according to the geographical location of the Indonesian island, where this usually starts from west to east.
  3. Figure number one for provinces located in:
    1. Sumatra Island: Marked by Number 1 or 2
    2. Java Island: Marked by number 3 or 4
    3. Bali Island and Noosa Tangara: Marked by Number 5
    4. Kalimtan Island: Marked by number 6
    5. Sulawesi Island: Marked with number 7
    6. Maluku Island: Marked by number 8
    7. New Guinea Island: Marked by Number 9

Usually, the second type of provincial code is determined based on the order of formation of the province in question. As we know, the provincial code of West Java is 32.

  1. City and County Area Codes

In addition, below are a number of regulations in the city/code area.

  1. The city/kaboptan code is usually down to 4 digits, where the number contains the provincial area code which is 2 digits, the mark used as separator, i.e. a period, and the city/regency code is 2 digits.
  2. Double digits after the first point of the code instead of city or city.
  3. Meanwhile, the first digit of the number for the city code is 7 to 9, while the first digit of the number for the district code is 0 to 6.
  4. District codes usually start from 01, 02, 03 to 69 based on the county’s formation order.
  5. City codes usually start from numbers 71, 72, 73 to 99 based on the order of city formation.

For example, the provincial clock code is like 33.22 area code for Regency Samarang, exactly in the region of Central Java Province  (33), meanwhile, area code 33.74 represents the area code of Samarang city in Central Java Province (33) for its West Java provincial code,  it is indicated by number 32.

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