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Latest West Java Online Motorcycle Tax Payment Guide 2021

B ayar online motorcycle line is made online or online without b isa face-to-face today in all parts of West Java and Indonesia. This can happen because there is already an online Samsat site that allows you to make quick payments. It’s not only fast because it’s actually easy and practical.

However, availability is not yet evenly distributed. There are areas that already offer it and don’t offer it. But in the era of 4.0, we believe that everything will be processed quickly so that people don’t have to come back to samsad office to make regular tax payments. The burden of time and expenses can be reduced.

The process of making n yes should start with the son application or the download of Samsat Online Nasional. Then you can pay online with the procedures in place. In this way, people will be able to save more time and costs, especially during a pandemic like today.

This turning point certainly  makes it easier  for those of you who do not want to lose official driving access  – in Indonesia or any other country. Tickets will be issued to drive without documents for violating the rules. Also, the owner of the motorcycle does not obey the taxes, thus making it a fraud without an official letter.

G Ka, P. Emilik had to hack a motor or vehicle until he was caught during the raid.  To take care of it again, you will definitely be fined a huge penalty  for not paying  taxes. The owner will also have to pay the dues, so it is definitely expensive. So apply the motorcycle tax payment process online in West Java.

Download national or regional online Samsad application

First, the only guide to do is to download or download the app. This application must have come from the right source. So at the time of entering the PlayStore or The AppStore. Enter the correct keywords so that you don’t misunderstand it. To make things easier, take a look at the testimonials from users. Use the app with a minimum value of 4.

Click Install, and then the entire download process will end automatically. Apply on Android and ios tanpa installation is required. Ja di no longer needs to worry if it  happens that you can’t install unknown applications. However, if this happens,enter the privacy settings menu to set it up c oba.

Wait until the installation is complete, so that you can pay the motorcycle tax online in West Java, Central Java and all parts of Indonesia. If there is an error in the installation, try deleting it first. Then install it again, so that it can be used later. Usually it happens  that the cor rupt file is not very correct in the installation of the system.

Don’t  worry about the size nya is not too big. Hanya is only a few MB because it looks so simple. The purpose of this simple appearance is to keep new users from getting confused. The available menus include registration, pay code, payment, proof of payment, ranmar information, location, guide, and of course exit from the system.

National and Regional Online Samsad Registration Procedure

This registration procedure is actually similar to other online settings. In fact, it should be so, because the  process  of paying the motorcycle tax online throughout West Java and Indonesia is carried out online.  The initial p roses must be entered in the registration menu. Fill in all personal data, yesng is required according to valid data.

It starts with police numbers, identity card numbers, frame numbers, personal contact numbers, and email. It is important to provide email at the present time.  You can make it from Google, Yahoo, Rocket, Bing and more. However, the most important option is Google, because it’s easy.  His quick B roses definitely make it easier.

Then click on the next button. Then there will be a display of the recorded data and payment codes. The code can be used to make payments. Bisa is done online through many options. Banks are very important, especially ATMs.   It is recommended to go through the ATM if you do not want to stand in line for a long time.

Even so, there is a better option by using mobile banking. Mobile bankingcan only be operated through cell phones. Bregrets it in one click and click everything is done. In addition,  you can also use internet banking to pay the motorcycle tax online in West Java.

Unfortunately the duration of payment codes generally has limitations. Especially in the payment code this time, this will last a long time. It even reaches hours, so there’s still time to do it regularly. Complete the payment so that you can enter the next process.  It’s free to choose any method as long as it suits you.

Requirements for authentication of your motorcycle STNK

After  paying the motorcycle tax online in West Java,  you can use a receipt of proof of payment of the payment as proof of repayment. However, do not go to the Samsad office without bringing anything. And with the motor stn k approval conditions that the proses tax can be settled immediately. What then should  you  bring?

  1. Attach an active ID card

Nowadays, all identity cards are definitely active. As long as you use your e-KTP, make sure everything is safe. So for those of you who still don’t have it.  Take care of it quickly at the nearest sub-district office as the process is also fast  .


  1. Carrying the original STNK

It is clear that this is the proof to pay motorcycle tax online West Java. Bring the stnk as the proof that everything can be taken care of. It is not allowed to bring a photocopy because it will be withdrawn later for processing. The old SDNC was withdrawn for the use of De Dog in criminal matters.


  1. Carrying old TBKPB

Proof of repayment of payment obligations of the previous year should also be brought. It is there to check if the owner is paying the tax properly. If it is not in order, of course, a fine will be imposed.  The penalty is levied depending on the length of the outstanding amount on payment of tax.


  1. When the Power of Attorney is handed over

If you ask a representative to submit the terms for granting consent. Complete power of attorney is required with an official seal. Cell is the process of handling official documents. Everyone needs power of attorney if they are represented.

Claiming to be using an online system.  In the end, you still have to go to Samsad, don’t you? For the fees made earlier, the claim process has to be for samsad to be more clear.

Motorcycle STNK Attestation Procedure

If the  process  of paying motorcycle tax online has been carried out throughout West Java, Central Java and Indonesia.  You also  meet  the approval requirements.  Go directly to the nearest Samsad office and give everything to the administrative administrator to handle.

For the process, it is enough to enter a special counter where all the data is included. Then the administrative officer will enter all the data. Data verificationis as real as it will be.   If everything matched between the registration number and the police. The process was declared successful and only the submission remained.

You will have to wait according to the order. Then stnk is ready to take her home.  If you take care of changing the plate, wait for the follow-up process from the officer. They are usually asked to wait for a few minutes. Then the plate-making process will be carried out while the process is waiting. The plate is taken home and ready to be connected to the motor.

Another benefit that can be obtained is the fast process. In addition,r isiko pungli is gone, because all the processes have been done online. Sistem is progressing and is very promising. So there is no reason not to use the online motorcycle tax payment process in West Java and across Indonesia   .

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