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What is the performance of a job certificate? Note this

Whether the performance of a job certificate or the so-called plate letter can be something newly employed employees usually ask, this inferno is usually used by employees who quit and need a statement or reference from the PT.

This letter is yes issued by the HRD department, and evidence if the employee was part of the relevant PT for a period of time.

Additionally, the letter usually includes employee general information as part of PT & PT that the former PT & PT letter issued This letter is also used as official evidence if the employee works at PT.

Essentially, this letter is not only restricted to applying for jobs but is also used for other things. In fact, this letter is also used in the relevant agencies to look after official documents The following are a variety of information related to the plate, including the activity of the employment certificate :

Contents of the Parcella Letter to Be There

In fact, this mortgage works as an employee and contains a variety of information about PT, as well as employment in accordance with the requirements of the company.

In some letters, the company wrote thanking employees for the behavior of employees doing their jobs, the reason for the end of the employment relationship between PT and employees and the contributions they made while working at the company.

If the letter is deleted, this letter is a letter to be given by the company when the employees are fired, but the company will In most cases, if there is an employee who submits a request, this letter will be given, especially since it has contributed to PT’s progress.

So whether the performance of the work certificate is so important, be sure to request a job certificate if you stop working at PT, and, in addition, make sure the letter notice is up to the reality, because it is important to apply for a job at another PT.

In fact, as long as the letter has Companyhead, and PT’s signature and an official label, the letter has already been used for a variety of purposes, but it must be re-examined to see if the information is actually appropriate.

How to get Paklaring Cerbicate

New work certificates are still confusing about how to obtain a job certificate before you know what the functionality of your work certificate is. Very easily, when you ask for a letter, you can ask  the company secretary for a letter to the relevant personnel department, which will be made immediately.

There is no need to be afraid or hesitant when requestingthis letter because giving this letter becomes your right as an employee . In addition, a few universities do not have rules to distribute to employees after stopping working at the PT.

But usually the pattern of soft letters varies slightly between one company and another, for example, a letter from a banking company may differ slightly from a letter from a creative industry.

Is the  function of the work certificate  the same, although It’s DimiciaN? In fact, it’s the same so that you can use the letter you learn later as a way to manage a variety of documents or important needs. You don’t just need to apply for a new job.

Pacala characters’ function increases dramatically

If most employees require a confidential letter just to apply for a job in a new PT, to become employees in this letter It is thought that this letter, which convinces us a new PT to recruit us, can indeed be smooth, but not just for this matter.

  1. Finding a new job is a major task, and this certificate is useful for providing the career record you have. Don’t: Every success you’ve achieved from the PT you’ve worked with before can help you find out the scale of your career accomplishments.


Parkler letters are an important comment to see in employment development, so the course VT, which has learned to apply for a job, has not only written but real evidence of your experience.

  1. Requirements when you want to withdraw BPJS funds: when you want to withdraw funds or provide BPJS funds BPJS Ketenagerjaan usually requests a letter legally authorized by the company.

The collected file is a copy of the photograph, so it’s not the original letter. If you’ve filled out the letter, you’re still working at PT as an employee, but the BPJS says Approximately 10 percent to 30 percent of the Titina Gakajan fund can be provided later.

  1. If the bank wants to borrow funds or money, it also needs this certificate. The letter is used as a bank approval situation; if you are part of a strategic position, you need some loans.

Later, the bank will consider whether the bank can actually pay the loan by working in a position, usually a situation for an applicant who wants to apply for a loan Loans can be not only funded but also car or motorcycle loans.  

  1. Apply for a scholarship; scholarships received from professional routes require a valid plate letter and are legally authorized by the company. Surely these scholarships are awarded by the government or the private sector if they apply for scholarships.

Getting a Paklling letter has conditions

Another thing to not forget  after finding  out what a job certificate is doing is the conditions to produce this certificate: there are many requirements that employees must meet before issuing this certificate, this site is a mouse referring to the company so that it can be released.

  1. Resigned employees can get this certificate, the absolute situation is to resign well; as already presented, this certificate serves as a recommendation or reference from the former company, so if resignation is bad, recommendations cannot be asked.
  2. Work for at least 1 year, and working for at least a year is also a requirement to get a plate. If you haven’t worked for a year, employees They are considered immature to carry out their performance, and this signature is also closely linked to the ethics of a career.

Looking at the actions possessed by this letter , this type of letter may provide a variety of conveniences for employees when deciding to leave and get another job , since having this document can even help employees to obtain privileges , so the performance of the work certificate is bad and bad .

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