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BTN Call Center, help solve  your banking problem

As a BTN call center banking customer,    this can be a solution when you experience a problem. Frequent thorny issues in banking administration cannot be solved by using just one call without requiring the customer to come to the branch office|

Customers don’t just interact with user calls when they experience complaints| This facility can be used by customers to negotiate or question account creation issues| Some have also taken advantage of this and are looking for the latest information in the bank.

 The BTN call centre can address a wide variety of complaints at random|   You can negotiate a loan until the ATM problem disappears| These various issues can be easily solved when customers can effectively take advantage of these features|

However, some customers do not know the customer service number. This has made it difficult for some people to file complaints with the bank. The following is how to interact with call centres owned by BTN Bank that customers can communicate with|

Latest BTN Bank Central Call Number 2021

BTN Bank Central Call is one of the services provided to customers for redressal of banking related grievances| By calling the number 1 500 286, customers will be directly connected to the customer service provided by BTN Bank.

The BTN call centre | serve your complaints for a full 24 hours so when there is a problem outside the office hours the customer can still call | for example, when you lose goods and the ATM also arrives | then just call the number to handle|

Some minor cases such as deposit confirmation and ATM loss report can be solved directly without the need to come to the branch office| So if you withdraw a case of atm loss, customer administration can now come to the office to withdraw the ATM without the need to process it|

Customers need to be patient if they do so during office hours due to problems with the speed and accuracy of calls| The phone will probably be in line when many people communicate at once|  You can avoid it by making a phone call after the office hours are over.

As a smart customer you | have to record the call number of the center because when you have a problem with your savings, the  first step is not to hesitate | call the number and immediately report any complaints that happen as soon as possible|

How much does a BTN call center call cost for customers

Call services can be created by anyone, both customers and non-customers. The cost of the call must not be free and  must be borne by the pennel e pound | the total cost is in accordance with the telecommunications provider’s fee used by the customer so BTN does not fix a fixed fee|

For some matters, calls may be expensive but free. If you have a phone bonus on the number then it is possible that there is no charge while contacting BTN Bank. But when it’s a long and long business , you have to prepare more credit|

Technically, the BTN call centre is free, but the caller still charges a call fee from the telecommunication operator. The bank itself does not receive money  from your phone  as the service is used to resolve customer-owned issues|

Customers with savings in BTN Bank will also not be subject to savings balance deduction at the time of making these calls| So don’t worry about making user calls as the bank will not charge a fee| The telecommunications operator who  has an obligation to pay you telephone expenses|

Usually, customers are hesitant to make calls because they fear that their savings balance will be deducted while making the call| This is certainly not true because the bank will not do it| He has the right to communicate with the customer when a problem occurs in his account|

When an issue occurs the sooner you report, the bank can handle it quickly. Banking problems that are allowed to pull off will usually be more difficult to solve| So as a knowledgeable  customer  if there are discrepancies you need to be quick to make a report|

Latest BTN Sayariya Call Centre Number in 2021

As one of the strategic business units of BTN Bank, the number of user calls is the same as the traditional BTN| If you have savings in BTN Saria Bank and would like to call a complaint please contact 1 500 286. You will  be transferred to the Sharia department when  you contact him|

The value of calls made by the customer also varies depending on the operator of the communication service provider of that customer| So you can pay a fee or it’s free depending on the phone account. The duration of the call also affects how much a person incurs in communicating with the bank.

The BTN Sayariya Call Centre also serves customer calls for 24 hours even outside office hours | so you don’t have to worry while calling outside the office hours when there are problems with the account | customer service will still meet your needs as effectively as possible   |

It should be noted that this customer service will be used by many customers| So you have to be patient when you are pending on your call|  It may be that the server is full because there are many customers who contact the bank | if it repeats again for a while|

The highly recommended hour to call is at six o’clock in the evening if you want to stay line calm| Meanwhile, generally few customer users have made calls. So you can call customer service quickly.

Never hesitate to make a complaint call to the bank. The customer has the right and needs to report immediately when there are irregularities in his account| The safety and comfort of the customer is absolutely guaranteed by the bank so  do not hesitate to report  your complaint.

Other numbers that can be contacted in addition to btn call centre

In addition to using the BTN  Bank  call centre, you can also use the official telephone numbers of some branches. If you call on this line you will be less likely to stay in the queue| The branch number can also be used for a more quick solution to the problem|

If you really have an emergency complaint such as a lost ATM or fraudulent action then contact a branch in your city. Customers can avail more serious services if they call the branch office number| You can get the number either by coming straight to the office or asking for the central call number|

It should be understood that the telephone of the branch office is used only for the emergency purpose of the customers of the branch| So make sure that you get in touch with the same branch as the savings account. For example , if you have savings at the Sukolillo Surabaya branch, make a call at the branch.

If you call a different branch, it may be that the customer will be redirected to contact the other branch. This is done naturally by the bank to maintain the effectiveness of consumer calls| If too many connections accumulate, the service won’t be the best.

The banking problem is actually much simpler and easier to solve if the customer uses the right path|  You don’t need to worry if there are mistakes or problems in your savings account.   Just  contact the  BTN call centre to report the complaint or come directly to the nearest branch office  |

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