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How easy it is to get in touch with the Agoda Call Center when you’re on vacation

When it comes to the holiday season, the existence of an agoda call center becomes very important because, agoda is one of the best online hotel booking providers in Indonesia. The provider even provides a booking feature for many accommodations not only in the Indonesian region, but also in the Asia Pacific region.

Agoda’s popularity in Indonesia is fairly good. Most customers say positive testimonies about their experience when they order with such providers. In fact, its user reviews are amazing. There are approximately 1 billion reviews provided by users on this service. Surprisingly, the reviews are as good as the positives.

But in Indonesia,  the knowledge of agoda call centers is not widely known. In fact, his existence is indispensable to help. Some people like to try it by ordering it directly without using the call center service. You know, there are many advantages that come with contacting him.

The importance of contacting a call center before ordering

Agoda is a fast-growing booking service. Nowadays, the trust that customers give to this provider is huge. This trust is given because the quality of the service is actually very satisfying. But although the service is of high quality, its development is still going on.

In fact, booking at agoda is very easy. If this has been tried once, a user certainly has no problem in ordering a second time as well. But when ordering for the first time, the confusion will certainly be felt. This is because supportive features have been provided to satisfy the customers.

This feature is actually intended to help. But while this may help, most new users feel confused about these features. In this case, the existence of an agoda call center will be very helpful. By contacting him, you will be guided to place an order as needed.

There are many stories of new users making booking mistakes and grieving. In fact, the error occurs because the order was ordered directly without asking in advance. If you have this nature of being willing to ask questions, such a bad possibility can certainly be avoided. In addition to the help, the call centre is also targeted as a place to accommodate complaints.

Usually, there will be complaints when the order is delayed or if there is any problem with the system. In fact, these types of problems are very rare. However, agoda is very open to any complaints raised by customers. For that, make the Agoda Call Center a place to pour out these complaints.

Contacting the call center by phone

When you want to contact the call center, the first option is by telephone. The agoda itself can be contacted by two numbers. The first number is 021-21889001. Customers can also contact 021-29263028. When you call the number, you won’t talk to the CS right away.

In fact, agoda call centers have an automatic message answering feature. Because, the provider already understands some of the basic issues that most new users often face. By using the automatic message answerer, the problems experienced must be answered.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of a situation in which an automatic message answerer does not discuss the problem. Agoda himself understands the problem. Therefore, there is a CS that ensures that it remains active for 24 hours. With that, your problems with ordering can still be resolved.

Since agoda itself has developed so much in Indonesia, there is no need to worry about language matters. There is a CS that can answer Indonesian questions. With this, you will be able to communicate without any difficulties. Do not hesitate when you want to contact the call center. Any difficulties will certainly help as much as possible.

Customers also see BISA Help Center

The best way to resolve the complaint  is to contact the Agoda Call Center. By communicating directly with the CS via telephone, all the issues can definitely be answered comprehensively. However, there is a major problem in contacting the call center. The problem lies in the high credit rate.

In an era where internet packages are already being used, some people don’t have credit stock. It can be difficult if you have to top up your credit first before ordering. To solve the problem, Agoda provides a helpdesk for its customers. This help center is an online troubleshooting service.

The service is available on agoda’s official website. When you enter the official website, you can enter the help center menu. There will be a lot of questions and answers. Look at the problem at hand and find out how to fix the problem. The explanation itself is very complete.

This is because agoda has always made continuous improvements to the answers in the help center. In fact, the issues that consumers often face are divided into two. The first problem is the lack of understanding of airfare services. At the same time, the second issue is related to accommodation.

Agoda understands both kinds of problems. So, when you enter the help center you will see two types of topics. Both types of topics are associated with the two types of problems faced. With that, it will be much easier to search for suitable questions.

You can also be contacted via email.

The drawback of the aid center is only one of the drawbacks compared  to the Agoda call center  . The disadvantage is the inability to communicate directly. In Indonesia this situation is certainly not suitable. Most Indonesians prefer to communicate directly rather than reading the answers themselves.

If you want to communicate directly without issuing credit, you can choose the service via email. To connect with the service via email, you  can contact cs[at]agoda[dot]com. This service is very helpful. Customers themselves can be contacted for 24 hours. However, the drawback of this service is the speed of response.

Unlike when contacting the Agoda call center, questions sent via email will not get an immediate answer because, it will take time for CS to read the email and give the best answer. However, it won’t take long to wait for the answer.

No question will be answered in more than 30 minutes. But in terms of functionality, the benefits received are the same as when you make a call to a call center. Because, any questions related to ordering can be raised. That’s all, the answer will be given in writing.

Issues due to non-contact with the call centre

There are a number of issues that customers face from not being in touch with agoda call centres. However, there is one problem with the highest number of cases. The problem lies in the inappropriate hotel package. When visiting a new area, of course not much is known about that area.

Having said that, someone certainly doesn’t know the best hotel options when they’re there. There are often situations where visitors are disappointed to see that the hotel they get isn’t what they wanted. This problem arises because later it is seen that there are other hotels that are more suitable. Therefore, it is better to contact the call center first rather than regretting it at the end.

Contacting the call center is not a difficult task. What’s more, there are many options to contact. These options range from phone to email. Make sure to contact him in advance so as not to get disappointed later. If you have acquaintances, you can actually ask them. But if you don’t have one,  the best option is to contact the Agoda call centre.

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